Wednesday, 28 March 2018

5 Most Common Products Made Out Of Rubber

Rubber is a unique material. Rubber is used in a wide variety of sectors because of its flexibility and its versatile functionality. We have decided to put a list together of common products we use in our day to life which all use rubber material.

Auto Industry

Rubber plays a vital role in the auto industry as it helps in the creation of tyres. Rubber is the perfect choice because rubber is a viscoelastic, durable and very flexible which helps protect you using your automobile and your rims by using its cushion to protect.

Footwear Products

Rubber plays an important role in our day to day life we are walking on rubber soles. The sole is located at the bottom of the sole of our shoes, most shoes in today’s world are made from natural rubber, polyurethanes, and polyvinyl chlorides.

Rubber Gloves There are two types of rubber gloves we use in our day to day life unsupported and supported. Unsupported gloves are made out of just rubber whilst unsupported gloves rubber is used on the coating of the glove. We sometimes use rubber gloves when washing the dishes as rubber gloves are a great protection from chemicals and withstands the heat of the water.


Latex rubber is used in lots of different pieces of clothing. We generally use rubber in protective clothing for example, gas masks, wetsuits, bodysuits, stockings and many other garments. Latex clothing is made from large sheets of latex rubber which are then delivered in rolls. Latex is quite weak as a material, so when using latex clothing you need to take special care that it does not break. The original colour of latex is originally black but can be dyed any colour.

Pet Accessories

If you own a pet you know how important it is that the toys do not break as this could be dangerous for you and your pet. We use rubber in our pets chew toys and our pets play balls as well. Also for the practical reasons we use rubber materials, for example, rubber mattress, vet wraps, and collars. Which are all used daily to make sure our pets are looking healthy and feeling great.

Don't Forget About Rubber Bands!
The following video shows the process that happens when rubber bands are manufactured.